i need a friend witha uke for a possible cover maybe

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    wait what Morgan has a voice like what is this discovery it is so great
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  3. peenutbutterandkelly said: Great!!! Buuuuut there’s 3,000 miles in between your lovely vocal chords and my uke. Poopskis.
  4. always-in-a-state-of-boredom said: I would love to hear you do more 30s and 40s stuff. You have the perfect voice for it. You sound wonderfully amazing.
  5. cauldronchili said: Sing more please! a lot more.
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    I love morgan’s voice so much I want her voice I might go all ursula on this bitch not saying that morgan is a bitch I...
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    im actually crying a lil right now? I look up to Morgan a lot and the fact that she is singin’ my song makes me really...
  9. adamatartschool said: hella-dapper.tumblr.com check him out. stupid talented.
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    morgan, you have a beautiful voice.
  11. laurentbrossoit said: I have a uke
  12. llamaindisguise said: your voice is so beautiful!
  13. everythingisaces said: Ukulele’d and ready.
  14. youngsterjosh said: This needs to happen, oh my goodness.
  15. battledad said: Guess who else plays ukulele (this guy)
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